QR codes -- those little techy looking squares of data -- are popping up everywhere these days.  Scan one with your smartphone and you are automatically linked to a website where you can find more info about the ad, article, or product you're looking at.  

Chances are, you've probably seen a QR code in magazines or on flyers around your town.   But you may not have seen one yet on a tombstone.  But that's exactly what you're looking at in this photo.

Isreali executive Yoav Medan recently placed a QR code on his mother's tombstone as a way to create a more dynamic memorial to her. As Medan told Mashable, “I [didn’t] know what we wanted to write [on the tombstone] and it will never be everything for everyone. By having something that is dynamic and can extend over time, we can capture it.”

So, what do you think?  Is this just plain odd or the latest in cutting edge technology?  

Photo: Mashable

Would you put a QR code on your tombstone?
Isreali exec creates a dynamic memorial to his mom by placing a QR code on her grave.