Looking for a savvier way to hit the weekend yard sales? Newspaper ads are so last week when it comes to mapping out your route. Instead, try a new feature from Google Maps called Yard Sale Treasure Map. Just enter your starting address, how far you're willing to drive (or walk), and select from Friday, Saturday, or Sunday sales. Yard Sale Treasure Maps searches the Craiglist listings for your area, and returns a route that will take you to all the yard sales it finds. You can also click on each location for additional information about the sale and delete them if you're not interested. And if you do find one in your local paper that's not on the site, you can add it by either putting the address in the left sidebar or double clicking on the map to place a new marker. Now that's a cool way to seek out that gently used baby gear!

[via GeekSugar.com]

Yard sales 2.0
Searching and mapping out yard sales, lifehacker style.