Tween girls Avery Burn and Genae Vanek wanted to do something to help boost the self-esteem of girls their age. Their project, called "Love My Reflection," sends a positive message to girls of all ages every time they look in the mirror.

The Oregon tweens hand out free pocket mirrors at school with positive messages written on them. The sayings include “You are inspiring,” and “You are brilliant,” and “You are beautiful.” The goal? To give anyone who looks in the mirror a boost of self-confidence.

It all started in the fall when Burn and Vanek decided to enter the educational contest Destination Imagination. The purpose of the contest is to inspire kids to become leaders and innovators by coming up with solutions to issues in the world today. Seventh-graders Burn and Vanek said in an interview with “We thought if we did a project that involves people our age, it would help us and help them.”  

As part of their project, the girls handed out mirrors to their middle school peers and noticed an immediate change in the way girls talked to one another — and complimented one another — in the hallways. And now they want to take their project beyond their local community. With the help of Avery's mom, Ann Burn, the duo has started a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for the mirrors, markers, paint, shirts and community awareness events that could spread the "Love My Reflection" campaign around Oregon and around the country. From their GoFundMe page:

"Our mission is to help develop positive self-esteem and body images in middle school girls by engaging in peer to peer interaction and giving out mirrors with encouraging statements written on them. Our hope is that girls will be accepted for who they are and feel good about themselves from receiving uplifting words from other girls."

That sounds like some innovative leadership to me.

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