Need to take a dip in to the pot of inspiration?  Nothing inspires me more than seeing what kids today are doing to save the planet.  It really makes me feel like the message is getting across to the next generation - and that the planet will be in good hands as these young kids grow up to be the leaders of the future.

A new video series, Young Voices on Climate Change, is filled with inspiring stories of kids all around world who are taking action and finding solutions to the problems facing our planet. The series, produced and directed by Lynne Cherry and Raymond Chavez, highlights kids in the U.S., Europe, Brazil, India, Kenya, Indonesia and Siberia who are taking the lead in environmental initiatives by creating and implementing their own projects that reduce the carbon footprint of their homes, schools, communities, states and countries.

As you watch the videos, you'll see young people putting together successful campaigns for wearing seat belts, recycling, and reducing energy use in homes. Here's a look at one of the Young Voices on Climate Change videos featuring a girl scout troop that gave away 5000 CFL light bulbs to raise awareness about energy conservation and to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint in order to abate global warming:

One of the really cool features of the video series is all of the background info that goes along with each story.  One the website, you can find detailed info about how to put together a similar project in your own home, school, or community.  And there is info that teachers can use to help prompt discussions in the classroom about putting the projects in the videos in to action.

The Young Voices on Climate Change movies allow young voices to be heard. And these young voices have some amazing - and inspiring - things to say! 

Young voices on climate change
New video series looks to kids to find out what they have done and will do next to protect the planet.