In many countries around the world, girls are not given a chance.  They cannot chose when they will marry, when they have children, or how long they will stay in school.  Many of these girls get married before they are women and immediately begin to raise children, leaving them no time to grow up themselves.  

These are the girls that the Join My Village campaign hopes to help.  The campaign, now in its second year, is sponsored by General Mills and Care.  In the first year of the campaign, General Mills and the General Mills Foundation donated almost $500,000 to Care via the Join My Village campaign, and visitors to the Web site donated about $50,000 of their own money.  All in all it brought in a hefty sum to help girls gain access to education, helping to boost their future earning potential and improve their financial security.

The campaign focuses its efforts on the girls and young women of Malawi because it is one of the least developed and most densely populated countries.  It also has very few resources available to women to better themselves. 

So what can you do to help?  Click.  That's all.  Just head over to the Join My Village website, and “click to commit.” By watching a video, reading a blog or listening to music from Malawi, you help increase the amount of contributions that General Mills will release to Care.  


Your click will help women and girls emerge from poverty
Every click at the Join My Village campaign brings girls in developing countries one step close to a better life.