Looking for a way to cure your winter doldrums? I don't know about you, but my kids have already had one too many snow days this year and I have about run out of ideas for winter fun. Enter The Kids Winter Handbook. This book is full of great ideas for winter fun, both inside and out.  

Most of the projects are inexpensive to make, and supplies are easy to obtain, making these interesting alternatives to holiday boredom or too much TV. You and your kids can learn to make ice candles, knit scarves, read winter animal signs, and explore the outdoors with fun snow games. Many of the activities included in the book, especially those that are science related, would also be perfect for teachers. A few crafts (like the one that involves drilling holes or another that calls for boiling maple syrup) require adult supervision, but most use only readily available materials and kids' ingenuity.

An excellent read ... and perfect for helping you and your kids break out of the humdrum hibernation of winter!

Your winter guide to fun
Cure your winter doldrums with this guide to winter fun.