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10 top-notch swimming pools open to the public

By: Catie Leary on May 27, 2014, 10:26 a.m.
Venetian Pool

Photo: Mauricio Lima/Flickr

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Coral Gables' Venetian Pool

No, this photo wasn't taken at an exotic resort. Believe it or not, this breathtaking Venice-inspired swimming pool is, in fact, a public facility.

Built from the remains of an old coral rock quarry, Coral Gables' historic Venetian Pool displaces around 820,000 gallons of water daily from local artesian wells, giving it the title of largest freshwater pool in the United States.

The beautiful swimming spot, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, also features a grand waterfall, a kiddy pool, a grotto, a cafe and a sunbathing area.