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3 DIY New Year's Eve party favors

By: Plenty Magazine on Dec. 9, 2009, 9:13 p.m.
how to make confetti

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Project 3: Confetti

Don't even think of buying premade confetti. Attack that crinkled pile of used wrapping paper with scissors and cut it up into small pieces (about 1" in size works well). You can also use a paper hole punch to create small circular pieces. A paper shredder is another good way to create a lot of confetti in a short amount of time. (And turn that stack of old office paper into confetti while you're at it). Or if you have one, use a crafter's hole punch that creates decorative shapes. After you ring in the new year with a blast of homemade confetti, be sure to sweep it up and dump it in the paper recycling bin.