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DIY Christmas tree ornaments

By: Ashley Chase on Nov. 2, 2009, 5:22 p.m.
tin can star

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Tin can star


Three 42-oz. aluminium cans

Aluminum take-out food containers


1. Clean and dry cans. Then, carefully cut off each can's top and bottom and uncurl the remaining piece of aluminum, flattening overnight under a heavy book if necessary.

2. Make basic origami stars using flattened aluminum instead of paper (just be careful of the sharp edges). You can view an animated diagram of the pattern and folding technique at

3. Use one of the flattened 42-oz. cans to make the biggest origami star. Use the aluminum take-out containers to make stars that get gradually smaller as you layer them. I used three stars for stacking.

4. Use another 42-oz. can to cut out the flat base star.

5. Coil the third flattened can into a cone shape. Use a dab of nontoxic glue to seal the overlapping edges.

6. Hold the smallest origami star with its center point facing away from you. Place a dab of glue inside the point. Put the next biggest star inside the smaller star, glue next center point and attach a slightly smaller star, and repeat, working toward the smallest star.

7. Place the stacked stars on the base star. Add dots of glue where stackers touch the base star's surface. Make rays from thin strips of tin. Glue these to the back of the base star.

8. Carefully place star on tin cone, using a tiny dab of glue. Tin cans come in every conceivable color and pattern — have fun mixing it up.