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Free bird: Thanksgiving turkey pardons

By: Russell McLendon on Nov. 26, 2019, 11:14 a.m.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse ride in a carriage in the annual Thanksgiving Day parade in Philadelphia, 2016

Photo: George Sheldon/

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Howdy, pilgrim

Pilgrim Mickey Mouse, shown here in a Thanksgiving Day parade in Philadelphia with Minnie, has been known to unveil presidential turkeys at the place they are raised before being pardoned. Most turkeys that get to meet the president are given extra interaction with people before their White House appearance to make sure they kept their composure.

Since 2005, Mickey has also played host to presidential turkeys in Disneyland, where the pardoned birds have lived out their days. But in 2010, the turkeys instead rode in a horse-drawn carriage to Mount Vernon.