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Top 10 children's museums to visit this summer

By: WomansDay .com on May 24, 2011, 11:23 a.m.
Children's Museum of Houston

Photo: Children's Museum of Houston

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Children's Museum of Houston

If everything really is bigger in Texas, then it’s no surprise that the Children's Museum of Houston recently expanded to twice its size. The three-story “Power Tower” is made of five miles of steel cable to make for an exhilarating climbing experience, and the 18-foot-tall cauldron in “FlowWorks” holds 240 gallons of water, giving kids a realistic way to experience how hydropower really works. In all, 14 permanent bilingual exhibits are squeezed into 90,000 square feet, including “Cyberchase,” “Invention Convention,” “Matter Factory,” and “Kidtropolis, USA,” which teach kids everything from how cities work to how to be an inventor. Daily summer “Block Busters” and games, which incorporate arts and science concepts from the exhibits, are included in the nominal admission fee.