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Whether you're an attention-starved middle kid or the family baby, there's a lot to admire about firstborns. From pop stars to presidents, lots of notable folks were born first. Test your knowledge on birth order, specifically firstborns in all of their bossy, brilliant glory!

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A large number of U.S. presidents are firstborn sons. Which president is the odd son out here?

Despite being the nation’s first president, George Washington was, depending on how you look at it, not the first born in his family. He had three older half brothers and a half sister. But just looking at full biological siblings, G.W. was indeed the eldest of six born to Augustine Washington and his second wife, Mary Ball. He had five younger brothers and sisters including one, Mildred, who died as a baby. 

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Which munchkin media mogulette was born first?

You got it, dude (or maybe you didn't). Looking at the birth order of everyone's favorite "Full House" stars-turned-fashion designers, Ashley Olsen is older than her fraternal twin Mary-Kate by a full two minutes. Ashley is also right-handed while Mary-Kate is a lefty. In terms of overall family birth order however, the twins aren’t the eldest. They have an older brother named Trent. Younger sister Elizabeth and two younger half siblings round out the Olsen clan.

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pop divas singing
Pop diva-dom is dominated by firstborns. Which star was not born first in her family?

A classic middle child (she has two older brothers, two younger sisters and a younger brother), Madonna Louise Ciccone was likely desperately seeking attention as a child growing up in a Catholic household in the suburbs of Detroit. Madonna isn’t alone in this category. Other middle-child pop divas include Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears.

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While we’re on the topic of pop music royalty, can you name the oldest child in the Jackson family?

One of the lesser-known members of Gary, Indiana’s musical dynasty, Rebbie Jackson — born Maureen Reillette Jackson — is the oldest of the nine performers born to Joe and Katherine Jackson. (A 20th child, Brandon, died at birth.) Rebbie and younger sister LaToya, the Jackson family’s middle child, share a May 29 birthday. The third Jackson girl, Janet, is the baby of the bunch, born in 1966 — nearly a full 16 years after Rebbie. 

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kid movie director
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Which Oscar-winning American film director is NOT a firstborn child?

A man who brought familial drama and dysfunction to life on a truly epic scale, "The Godfather" director Francis Ford Coppola is a middle child. Coppola's older brother, the late August Coppola was an academic — and, most famously, Nicholas Cage's papà. His younger sister Talia Shire, mother to Jason Schwartzman, is an actress perhaps best known for responding to, "Yo, Adrian!"

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Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon, was also the first child out of his mother's womb. Which astronaut was not a firstborn?

The second man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin is the odd American astronaut out here. Aldrin's nickname actually originated from one of his two older sisters who had trouble pronouncing "brother" as a kid — it came out sounding like "buzzer." Even though Aldrin was not a firstborn like a disproportionate number of space explorers, we'll assume that he is the only one whose mother's maiden name is "Moon."

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plagues in the Bible
In the Book of Exodus, what do the Israelites smear on their doors to save themselves from the last of the Ten Plagues: the death of the firstborn?

The Israelites who heeded Moses' warning and marked their doors with lamb's blood were not visited by the Angel of Death, so were spared their firstborn children. Following some pretty gnarly animal invasions (frog, lice, locusts, etc.) this plague proved to be the final straw for Pharaoh who, scared for own life, finally released the Hebrews from bondage in Egypt.

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brother and sister
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Which personality type is NOT commonly associated with firstborn children?

It's the youngest, not the eldest, child that tends to be the charismatic clown in the family — easygoing, fun-loving and constantly clamoring for the spotlight using humor, storytelling and a bit of good, old-fashioned manipulation. And unlike their straight laced, totally square older sibs, youngest children are known for being more open-minded, free-spirited and rebellious.

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rich baby
Who is the only firstborn in this really rich group?

These billionaire boys are actually all middle children while the Queen of All Media is the oldest in her clan. Candid about the hardships she experienced growing up, Winfrey was the first of four children born to Vernita Lee. She had two half-sisters, both named Patricia (one died in 2003 while the other, given up for adoption by Lee, was "discovered" by Winfrey in 2010) and a half-brother named Jeffrey who passed away from AIDS-related complications. 

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In 1979, which country adopted constitutional reform that retroactively passed royal succession to the firstborn child of any gender?

It's a good thing that Prince Carl Philip of Sweden was only a baby when he was stripped of his crown prince title and the role of heir apparent was handed off to his older sister, Princess Victoria, due to a constitutional amendment. Although the switch-up was controversial, other modern monarchies have since followed Sweden's lead and instituted royal succession by absolute primogeniture.

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