Spruce up your holiday décor by bringing nature in with these beautiful and easy DIY projects. All you need are some acorns, pine cones and possibly a glue gun. So, next time you're on a nature walk, pick up a few and see where your creativity takes you.

1. Painted pine cones

Painted pine conesSpray paint or craft paint will give pine cones a festive brightness. (Photo: Art Miabo)

Use spray paint or craft paint to coat your pine cones in a color that works for your house. Then, like Art Miabo, fill up a transparent vase and display them on your coffee table.

2. Painted acorns

Painted acorns and modge podgeAcorns can lend a bright bit of holiday cheer to your home. (Photo: Mod Podge Rocks)

Add color to your space by painting your acorns a fun bright blue and brown from Mod Podge Rocks. Then seal with Mod Podge glue. It’s a great project to do while binge-watching Netflix.

3. Pine cone elves

Pine cone elvesThese pine cone elves embody holiday whimsy. (Photo: Lia Griffith)

These cute little fellas from Lia Griffith are a whimsical addition to a holiday vignette on your mantel. Make the hat, scarf and mittens out of felt and head with a wooden bead. Then hot glue them onto the pine cone.

4. Twin acorns

Painted plastic Easter eggs wrapped with twine to simulate an acornTurn leftover plastic Easter eggs into acorns for winter holiday decorations. (Photo: Domestically Blissful)

Recycle plastic Easter eggs and transform them into sophisticated holiday décor like this example from Domestically Blissful. Hot glue pine cone petals to the spray-painted eggs or simply wrap them with twine to give the eggs an "acorn" vibe.

5. Pine cone Christmas trees

Pine cone Christmas treesA little green spray paint on a pine cone and you have a charming mini-facsimile of a Christmas tree. (Photo: Scissors and Spoons)

These adorable mini trees from Scissors and Spoons are simple to make. Paint your pine cones greens, then add a touch of glue on the ends to sprinkle glitter on. Then place each one in a painted terra-cotta pot.

6. Acorn ornaments

An ornament made using the top of acornsAn ornament made with acorn tops will give your Christmas tree a rustic elegance. (Photo: Sweet Something Design)

Collect acorns from your favorite oak tree and then hot glue them to a Styrofoam craft ball to create this elegant ornament from Sweet Something Design. Add glitter and a ribbon and hang on your tree.

7. Pine cones point the way

Pine cones strung around rustic, decorative pitchersPine cones provide a natural (and nature-y) emphasis to rustic pitchers. (Photo: On Sutton Place)

Add a touch of elegant simplicity by adding pine cones to decorative pieces around the house like On Sutton Place did.

8. Pine cone wreath

Twig and pine cone branchSmall branches and pine cones create a unique holiday wreath (Photo: Design, Dining and Diapers)

Spray paint small branches white and create a frame from them. Then hang pine cones in the middle to create this modern wreath from Design Dining and Diapers.

9. Pine cone fire starters

Pine cone fire startersPine cone fire starters make for a great DIY gift. (Photo: Something Turquoise)

These fire starters from Something Turquoise are beautiful in a basket next to your fireplace and can also be fun gifts for your friends. Just dip the pine cones in melted soy wax and let dry.

10. Pine cone candleholder

Pine cone candle holderApart from the glue, this candleholder is made from stuff you can find in the park. (Photo: Stylizimoblog)

Recycle a disposable coffee sleeve or old piece of cardboard and hot glue pine cones to it to create this candleholder from Stylizimoblog. Then simply slip a candle inside. It's so easy!

10 easy craft projects inspired by nature
Spruce up your holiday décor by bringing nature in with these beautiful and easy DIY projects.