Chalkboard paint has been very popular lately, and for good reason. It renders any surface erasable and ready for new designs in an instant. For those of us who like to reuse, write notes, and get creative with DIY design, chalkboard paint is everything we could have hoped for. And for those with children, the miracle paint made writing on the walls fun rather than nightmarish.

But don’t just limit your use to whole walls. Check out these 12 creative ways you can use chalkboard paint to make your home more practical and adorable.

composition notebook covered with chalkboard paintPersonalized notebooks

As a kid, did you ever doodle "I <3 Johnny" on your notebook a hundred times? And then, Johnny was mean to you so you scribbled it off a hundred times? With a chalkboard notebook, Johnny gets erased and replaced in a few seconds, and every day brings a new opportunity for a new doodle.


In general, a clipboard is only useful if you have paper to go along with it. Scrap the paper and just bring chalk to your next event and gather all the info you need with your chalkboard clipboard.

Paint your refrigerator

Forget hanging up postcards and pictures with magnets (don’t they always seem to fall down anyway?). Paint your refrigerator and plan your meals for the week, create shopping lists, and send messages to your loved ones about what’s for dinner if you’re not home to tell them in person.

tabletop menu painted with chalkboard paint with lovely place setting

Tabletop menus

Rather than verbally telling guests what’s on the menu, how about labeling each dish right on the table. By coating a tablecloth or the actual table in chalkboard paint, you can write out the name of the dish, and specify if it’s vegan, gluten free or contains an allergen. This is a great way to share information with your guests without having to give each attendee the lowdown when they step through the door.

Lunchbox messages

Chalkboard paint was made for secret messages. Wish your child good luck on a test, or just tell him or her to have a great day by painting the inside of a metal lunchbox lid.

basket of wooden blocks painted with chalkboard paint plus chalkToy blocks

Want to teach your child the alphabet, numbers, or colors? With chalkboard paint basic wooden blocks become whatever you want them to be. Or perhaps just let your kid’s imagination run wild.

Create a household calendar

We all love our shared online calendars, but sometimes it’s just easier to have something big and bold up on a wall. Everyone can see it without having to click anything.

Playroom table

Have your children create their own tabletop landscapes by painting an old coffee table with chalkboard paint. Every day they can create a new masterpiece.

medicine cabinet painted with chalkboard paint, covered with messagesMedicine cabinets

Painting the inside of your medicine cabinet door is just another way to leave secret messages, or remind yourself about refilling prescriptions.

Reusable gift boxes

Between wrapping paper, gift bags and gift boxes, the holidays are an environmental tragedy. Instead of using all of those disposable papers, paint a variety of different sized boxes with chalkboard paint and reuse the same boxes year after year.

Fun dresser

For those of us who have a hard time keeping our drawers tidy, labeling can go a long way. Plus, it’s a nice way to dress up a dresser that has gone out of style.

Table numbers

Chalkboard paint was designed to make surfaces reusable. If you are creating place holders, table numbers or anything of the like, coat them in this paint first for a cute look that you can customize for every party.

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12 creative uses for chalkboard paint
From gift boxes to fun furniture, there are all sorts of inventive ways you can use handy chalkboard paint.