Ahh, the beloved Thanksgiving holiday. Good food, family, gratitude, and kitschy decorations of all sizes — and one particular shape: the cornucopia.

The cornucopia, or "horn of plenty," originated in Greek mythology as the broken horn of a goat that would provide eternal nourishment.

Today, cornucopias are much less traditional and filled with many other things besides fruits and veggies. Here are six unexpected cornucopias that ought to give your family something to talk about at the dinner table.

Bacon cornucopia
Photo: Josephine Lowry

The bacon cornucopia: the essence of indulgence! This tasty, crispy variety comes complete with little vegetable men sporting cute kiwi heads.

Squash cornucopia

Photo: Moelyn Photos/Flickr

This cornucopia just happens to bear the weight of the entire world's supply of squash, no big deal.

Chocolate cornucopia

Photo: Linda Khachadurian/Flickr

This chocolate cornucopia may look like it's filled with fruit, but don't be fooled: the bananas and grapes are actually made of marzipan.

Cornucopia filled with trash

Photo: Amanda Tomasello/Flickr

This modern cornucopia, filled with trash, has connotations of consumerism and wastefulness.

Parade float cornucopia

Photo:Christoffer Mørch/Flickr

A cornucopia of gold to spice up a parade, filled with not just food but a figure donned in sausages and a strategically placed fig leaf.

Turkey cornucopia

Photo: mmtzjr69out/Flickr

And, mixing a nontraditional cornucopia style with the traditional holiday bird, this masterpiece is a Thanksgiving meal all-in-one.

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