The Guinness World Record holder for most high-fives in an hour is a 7-year-old boy who goes by the name of Squish.

On June 12, Squish received 2,392 high-fives, eclipsing the previous record of 2,181 high-fives, which was set by Ram Kadam and V Generation in India in 2012.

Squish, whose real name is Asa Spears, stood on a pedestal at the Bonnaroo Music Festival while a steady stream of people smacked their palms to his — and each of those high-fives had to be perfect.

“The high-five must be palm to palm, above the head and be audible to the camera,” his mother, Amy Spears, said.

And that was only the beginning of getting Squish’s name into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Spears said they had to have an entire crew for the event, including people to count high-fives, keep time and get participant signatures. There were even people whose sole responsibility was to run around during the event and persuade more people to line up to participate.

The idea to break the high-five world record came about when Squish asked his mom what special thing they could do at the annual four-day music festival.

In previous years, Squish has helped shave his mother’s head at the festival and even got on stage with the rock band Haim.

“He was like, ‘What can I do at Bonnaroo?’ And he said, “I really liked giving high-fives last year,” Spears said.

Squish practiced for his record-breaking moment by giving high-fives at home, but no amount of training prepared him for some of the very enthusiastic high-fives he received, so a family friend helped stabilize him as thousands of people ran by to smack his tiny palm.

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7-year-old sets high-fiving world record
A boy named Squish stole the show at Bonnaroo this year and earned himself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.