Now that the holiday season has finally hit, it's time for those of us who are totally Christmas-crazed to get ourselves an alternative to the usual pine tree fare. And we absolutely love this cooky-yet-amazingly-cool take on a traditional Christmas tree. Not only is the tree itself totally recyclable, but it (along with its packaging) is also made from at least 30 percent post-consumer-recycled cardboard. And although the cardboard doesn't come in any fun colors per se, it does present the perfect opportunity to spend some time with fam and friends, decorating the tree and truly making it your own. Plus a percentage of the profits from your purchase are donated to the Arbor Day Foundation's Tree for America program (where every dollar helps a tree get planted in a damaged forest!). Is that in the Christmas spirit, or what?

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A cardboard Christmas tree? It's recyclable
They're made from 30 percent post-consumer recycled content and a percentage of the profits goes to the Arbor Day Foundation.