It’s almost impossible to think about the words “back to school” without adding the word “shopping” to the other three. Back-to-school shopping is a tradition for moms and kids each August — not always a fun tradition, but still, a tradition. Kids need new school supplies, shoes for their feet that grew two sizes over the summer, and, of course, the latest fashions.

If you’re planning on adding some of the latest back-to-school fashions to your kid’s closet, you don’t always have to choose between what’s in and what’s gentler on the earth. Try some of these eco-friendly trendy fashions for the fall.

For the girls

Graphic Tees – Have you noticed older kids wearing Sesame Street characters on their tees? Parents thought they bought their last Elmo tee when their kid was a 4-year-old, but suddenly junior highers are sporting the fuzzy red monster again. American Apparel has a 100 percent organic cotton T-shirt that pays tribute to the 40th anniversary of "Sesame Street." The company also offers organic solid color tees to mix and match with the latest fashions.

Gray Skinny Jeans – Denim is big this year, both traditional and colored, and gray is the most popular color of denim this fall. You Deserve has gray skinny jeans in 100 percent organic cotton for high school girls at a great price for organic denim - $49.99. They have a striped v-neck sweater that teens will love, too.

Blazers – Blazers have made a comeback, particularly boyfriend blazers. The best place to find eco-friendly blazers is definitely the thrift store in the boy’s or men’s departments. Let your daughter rummage through the racks of pre-owned blazers to find the one that fits her style. Chances are no one else will have the exact boyfriend blazer she has, and you’ll be able to get it for a great price.

For the boys

Graphic Tees – Graphic tees are even more popular with the guys than with the girls. Threadless has T-shirts for boys and teens. Search for “organic” in Theadless’ search feature, and you’ll come up with a variety of graphic tees that big and little guys will love.

Under Armour’s Catalyst Green ProductsUnder Armour is the hippest performance wear out there, and the new line of T-shirts, hoodies, caps and more are made from recycled plastic bottles. Even though they’re made for the sports’ field, boys wear Under Armour as regular fashions. Guys who have moved up to men’s sizes will love the styles that don’t look almost identical to UA’s regular line.

Hoodies – Hoodies seem to be the never-ending “it” piece of clothing for guys. For the littler guys, a blue striped organic cotton hoodie from Greenedge Kids will make them feel like they fit in the big guys. For the older boys, a hoodie made of earth-friendly hemp from The Hempest is one of the coolest things going.

Don’t forget the feet

Even if your child doesn’t need new clothes, the chances that he’ll need new shoes when school rolls around are pretty good. All that extra sun and water that feet get over the summer seem to help kids’ feet grow extra quickly. Check out Play Outdoors for a one-stop place to find eco-friendly kids’ shoes from Keen, Simple Shoes, SmartWood and more.

Older kids will love to choose from Planet Shoes large selection of sneakers, sandals, boots and even vegan shoes.

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Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Back-to-school shopping for eco-kids
It's almost impossible to think about the words "back to school" without adding the word "shopping" to the other three. Back-to-school shopping is a tradition f