It's 7 in the morning, and the cereal still isn't poured. Mommy had to leave to get into the office for an early meeting, and the school bus is going to be here in, like, 10 minutes. Plus, you're not sure if those shoes really go with your little girl's outfit, and … Ohmygod! The hair! What are you gonna do with her hair?

It's a Daddy dilemma, a modern family's morning mess. It's also what a salon in Denver is trying to address with its Beer & Braids classes, which show clueless dads how to handle a scrunchie and a squirmy daughter while the clock is ticking.

Going to stylist school

The braids part of the class is for the kids. The beer is for the dad who best makes it through this competitive one-night class.

"It was kind of amazing," Nawaal Farooq, who coordinates things at the Envogue Salon on West 11th Avenue in Denver, says of the August B&B class. "They were actually getting pretty competitive. It was pretty awesome."

Beer & Braids started earlier this year and has become so popular that the salon has added more classes. The last B&B was held on Aug. 21. Others are scheduled for Oct. 2 and Nov. 20.

It's not the only class of its kind in the nation. Cozy Friedman, who owns Cozy's Cuts for Kids in New York City, held a similar one this summer on braiding — without the beer.

"Dads want to learn. I hear it all the time," Friedman told the New York Times. "But you can see right away on the playground whose hair was done by her dad. We've really had to start with the basics here."

In Denver, the concept is simple. Dads come in with their daughters, pay somewhere around $55 for an hour with a stylist, get all hands-on with their little girls' hair and, after everything is done, sit back and watch as their kids take part in a little runway show featuring their new Daddy-done 'dos.

The girls go home with a goodie bag of "product," as they say in the salon business. And as they say in the neighborhood, the winning dad goes home with the "brewskis."

Sticking with the basics

Dads don't have to know anything about hairstyling to take the class. And, as might be expected, most don't.

"That’s kind of the point," Farooq says. "That’s the fun of it."

"They basically learned three hairstyles; a braid, a little bit of an up-do type of thing, just simple styles like that. We had about six dads in here with their daughters, and some moms cheering them on as well."

In the end, everybody wins. Father and daughter enjoy a little daddy-daughter time. The girls walk away with a hairstyle that's at least overseen by a professional. And the dads get a slight idea as to what to do with their little girls' hair the next time the pressure is on.

We're figuring they probably knew what to do with the beer.

Beer & Braids: Where dads learn to do hair
Fun classes pair a new skill with a great daddy-daughter bonding opportunity.