Summer can be a great time for family trips and outdoor activities.

But time can also drag when the weather is rainy and you have teens who get bored easily.

A great way to pass the time and spur creativity is to devise craft projects for them.

Crafts for teens can consist of something as easy as a making a picture frame from an old CD case. The Internet is full of craft ideas.

Below are a few projects to get you started. They’re intended for teens ages 13 and older.

1. Make a photo frame from a music CD case. Making a photo frame out of an old CD case is an ideal way to re-use something you may no longer need while at the same time creating something useful and pretty (and everyone has an extra CD case hanging around).

The clear plastic half of a CD case will display photos well, and the pictures will slide out easily when you want to change them. In addition to an empty CD case, you’ll need ribbon, stickers, glue and any decorations you’d like to add to the cover.

For more information, visit: How to Make Photo Frames from CD Cases (via

2. Create a scrapbook. Teens love to take photos of their friends, and parents and grandparents love having keepsakes to show the various stages of their children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

A scrapbook is the perfect way to satisfy both groups, and will keep teens busy for hours as they create pages to show their interests and their dreams.

A 6-by-6-inch scrapbook is the ideal size because it’s lightweight and portable.

You’ll need photos, card stock, scissors, paper, something sticky such as double-sided tape or glue, and markers.

Teens should organize the scrapbook into chapters, and can use a variety of items to illustrate a particular event or period of time. In addition to photos, mementos such as ticket stubs, theater playbills and greeting cards can tell a story.

For more information, visit: How to make a 6x6 scrapbook (via

3. Origami. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into playful figurines.

It’s a great activity for teens because it requires basically one thing — paper — and it’s a craft that can be perfected over time at little expense.

origami dogParents will delight in the fact that origami is time-consuming but creates almost no mess.

Teens will follow step-by-step instructions, folding first one side of a piece of paper, then another.

Items such as cranes are among the traditional origami shapes the Japanese like to make. But teens can indulge their imaginations by creating dogs, sunflowers, rabbits or cats.

It may take a few tries before teens perfect a given shape, but their time will be rewarded with innovative decorative items at the end that can be displayed on a shelf.

For more information and videos on making a variety of origami shapes, visit:

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4. Homemade jewelry. Teenage girls go crazy for baubles such as ankle bracelets and chunky rings. But teenage boys also like modest, beaded necklaces and bracelets or anklets.

To make necklaces and bracelets from colorful beads, you’ll need beads of course. You can find these at craft stores or by scavenging a mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry box for pieces that have broken.

You’ll also need a length of elastic. How long depends on whether you’re making something to go around a neck or an ankle/wrist. You won’t need clasps because when you’re finished adding beads, you’ll simply tie the ends of elastic into a double knot.

For step-by-step instructions on making a beaded anklet, visit: "Easy holiday craft ideas for teens" (via and scroll down to the heading for Funky Jewelry.

Crafts for teens: Tips and ideas
Crafts for teens can consist of something as easy as a making a picture frame from an old CD case.