For theater

Large to medium sized cardboard box (from TV, fridge, or bulk-bought food), cut to 6inch depth, with "window" in upper 3/4 of box 

Two scraps of red fabric, cut fit to box, for theater curtains

Four 6-inch pieces of string or ribbon, to tie curtains back.


For puppets

Ten old socks

Non-toxic magic markers for drawing mouths on puppets or selves

Twenty old buttons for puppet eyes 

Thread and needles 

Any scraps of old jeans, shirts, sweaters, fabric lying around at home 

Non-toxic glue


1) Staple red curtains to top of theater box.

2) Staple two curtain ties to each side of box (when scene opens, pull each curtain to side and secure with two ties).

3) Sew buttons onto socks for eyes.

4) Use fabric/clothing/ribbon scraps to sew/staple together capes, jackets, pants, hats, etc. for puppets.

5) Get creative. Use whatever's around to decorate puppets. Shells, sea glass, old beads, tin foil scraps, yarn for hair, felt scraps, old play jewelry, etc.

This article originally appeared in Plenty in July 2006. The story was added to in July 2009.

Copyright Environ Press 2006.

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