There are two different global Earth Day celebrations every year in the spring, one on April 22nd and the other on the Spring Equinox on March 21st. Read our Earth Day facts page to learn more about these two celebrations, and the organizations that sponsor them, the Earth Day Network, and The Earth Society Foundation.

The two Earth Day’s don’t preclude the other. Both have very meaningful components, such as thinking about our connection to the sun and the Earth’s resources on the Spring Equinox, or sharing activities with huge worldwide gatherings on April 22nd.

April 22nd , Earth Day 40, The Earth Day Network’s Programs

To learn about Earth Day activities in your area, spend some time on the Earth Day Network’s site, and search for programs being offered in your community. (Just type your zip code into the “keyword search” form.) The core of the network’s initiative this spring is Billion Acts of Green, which is plan to mobilize a billion actions resulting in meaningful change for the planet by individuals, corporations and governments.

Some of the global initiatives by The Earth Day Network include:

Global Day of Service – The weekend before Earth Day – April 17-18, 2010

Activities include tree plantings, light bulb switch-out campaigns, home energy retrofits, school greens and water projects. All the activities are geared to lower carbon footprints.

Global Day of Action

The focus of the action is to galvanize people and leaders to speak out for urgent action to combat global warming. A referendum on climate change, people are urged to hold leaders accountable for their support of climate change initiatives, and the Earth Day Network will work to insist that Congress pas comprehensive climate legislation by April 22, 2010.

Global Day of Conversation – April 22nd

The mayor of your town or city, and other elected officials throughout the world, will be asked to stop business as usual, and join their communities in discussions about how to make their communities more sustainable.

Global Day of Celebration – April 25th

As is tradition for Earth Day celebration, the annual event is held at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The event will fall on Sunday, April 25th in 2010, to accommodate the most people.

Obtain Earth Day Network’s The Green Generation Organizer’s Guide.


March 21st, The Spring Equinox Earth Day Celebration

Earth Society Foundation’s Earth Day is centered around the ringing of the UN Peace Bell at UN Headquarters in New York. March 20, 2010 at 1:32 EDT will mark the 40th annual Peace Bell Ceremony on the Spring Equinox at the United Nations.

The Earth Society’s mission includes focusing on the Earth’s resources, support for preserving them, and revitalizing, regenerating, and recycling them. It conducts educational programs to promote research in the Earth Care Ethic, find alternatives to destructive habits, and to work with the United Nation’s specialized agencies and the NGO community.

MNN has an abundance of ideas to help you make a difference and have fun on Earth Day, too.

Earth Day 2010: The 40th anniversary
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