The following video series provides a great resource for getting children and families back outside. (Videos: EcoSense for Living)

Part 1: Richard Louv on Nature Deficit Disorder

Is someone you know suffering from "Nature Deficit Disorder"? Author Richard Louv discusses the condition he coined in his book, Last Child in the Woods.

Part 2: Dr. David Busch on nature and ADHD, ADD

Dr. David Busch shows how he uses nature therapy to help children with ADD and ADHD.

Part 3: The wild side of urban communities

Explore how urban communities find ways to take kids over to the wild side. Activities include beekeeping, gardening and the kind of free play that gets children outside for good!

Part 4: Richard Louv reconnects kids & nature

Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, offers ideas about reconnecting kids and nature: nature clubs, family hikes and backyard projects!

EcoSense for Living: Getting kids to reconnect with nature
This four-part series gives great advice on getting a new generation to enjoy the outdoors.