While some have suggested that Facebook makes its users less happy, a mother and daughter in Ohio are singing its praises after the social networking site brought them together after years of searching for each other.

Kelly Gallant gave up her daughter, Carrie Leach, for adoption 22 year ago. A single mother with two children and no job, she thought it was the only way to guarantee a good life for the girl. Filled with regret, she tried to get Carrie back a week later but was told that it was too late. The adoption agency eventually closed, returning items that Gallant had been sending to Leach to open on her 18th birthday, and at the same time, erasing any clues that Leach hoped could lead to her mom.

Post on Facebook that made the reunion possible

After exhausting every other avenue she could think of, Leach took to Facebook. Posting a photo of herself with a sign asking for help in finding her birth parents, the post was shared more than 500 times. And thanks to the mysterious ways of social media, Gallant’s other daughter ­— Leach's sister — saw it and contacted their mother.

"Like not even 24 hours later my sister is emailing me asking me questions, it's just amazing," said Leach.

After exchanging Facebook messages, mother and daughter finally reunited.

"It's amazing how much social media can affect things, but it's amazing how many people actually care," said Leach.

"It's not clicking yet totally that this is actually my mom, and we're actually sitting right beside each other; something we wanted forever," she told the LimaOhio.com.

USA Today reports on the story in the video below, which includes a clip of their tearful reunion.

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