Father's Day crafts can accommodate all types of dads: the sports fanatic, the trendy home decorator, the handy fix-it man or the lawn and garden guru.

But, no matter what type of dad you want to honor, it’s about the love you put into the project, not the actual usefulness of what you make.

In any event, here are a few ideas for kids’ craft projects for Father’s Day that Dad will find useful and adorable:

Heart-shaped card

There are lots of variations on this idea but it’s a pretty simple project overall.

Take a piece of stock paper and fold it in half. Draw a heart shape on the paper with the top portion touching the fold in the stock paper.

Cut out the heart shape so that the card opens vertically. Obviously, you don’t want to cut where the heart touches the fold at the top or the card will end up in two pieces. Not good.

After you cut out the heart shape, decorate the front of the card with whatever you like. You can have a golf theme or a dress shirt and tie theme or sports or whatever. Just make it something Dad will like. On the inside, you can write a special message for Father’s Day and make sure you put the date.

Painted Adirondack chair

Adirondack chair unpaintedThis is probably a weekend project and it will be hard to keep it a secret from Dad before Father’s Day. Nevertheless, it’s probably one that will have Dad the most enthused about Father’s Day.

You’ll need one solid cedar Adirondack chair (pictured) and acrylic paints of assorted colors.

You can paint the entire chair in a base color and then use different colors to make designs and patterns Dad would enjoy.

Chore coupon book

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. Let each child create a book filled with coupons that Dad can redeem for chores, such as cleaning kitchens, taking out trash or doing yardwork.

Divide a piece of paper into four or more parts and let the child write the details of the coupon in each part. Also, each coupon can be decorated to match the theme of the coupon, i.e. a nature scene for a coupon redeemable for yardwork.

An adult should then cut out the coupons and then staple them together to make a book. If you like, you can perforate the coupons so that Dad can tear them out more easily.

Painted Adirondack stool

Here’s another project that may take a weekend to complete but Dad will certainly be happy with the results.

You will need one cedar Adirondack stool and acrylic paints. It might be a good idea to give the stool a base coat with white paint.

After the white paint dries, use a pencil to outline several designs on the stool. These can be simple shapes or more elaborate drawings.

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(Adirondack chair: Photo by puregin/flickr)