The world's first green theme park opened earlier this month, raising fear in children everywhere that their environmentally conscious parents may sidestep Mickey Mouse in favor of polar bears. It's name? Environmentaland.

And there may be reason to be afraid, good children of the world. When asked what the goal of the park was, executive director Eric Ritz quipped, "to show there are no free rides in life." Jeesh. A little heavy for some kids just looking to have a good time, right? 

Nevertheless, there are some fun things to do at Environmentaland. Eco-friendly exhibits include an Energy Playground (with Energy Battle Royals!), a Mini-Bin Exhibit and Designing Station, a Planetarium, Desert Mini Golf Course, Recycled Paper Plane Takeoff station and Alternative Energy Golf Carts. On some days, you can even arm-wrestle a polar bear to win prizes! (Sadly, if you win, the polar bear is sent back to a melting iceberg somewhere.)

“When we’re placed on the Earth, we have a certain responsibility to give back or evolve in a very positive way. People go and they take and take and take and they don’t give. If that’s what we do, we’re going to be in a very bad shape very soon,” Ritz told Reuters.

For those excited to get a taste of this green-theme park for themselves, take solace in the fact that it may be coming your way soon. Global Inheritance, the nonprofit that came up with the idea, is planning to take the theme park on the road to malls in cities like Chicago, New York and Boise.

What do you think? Would you want to go to Environmentaland

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