Calling all college students: Forget football teams and debate competitions — employ your awe-inspiring recycling skills and make rival schools green with envy in the 2010 RecycleMania competition.

On the competition website, you can find out whether your school is one of more than 200 that have registered to compete, check weekly standings, and read up about the competition categories. Our personal favorite: the Gorilla Prize, which goes to the school with the highest gross tonnage of recyclables, school population notwithstanding.

And in case you're wondering, RecycleMania is legit. It's organized by university recycling coordinators with administrative support from the EPA's WasteWise program and the National Recycling Coalition. The competition ends in April, so get up off that sustainable futon and start recycling for your alma matter.

This article originally appeared in Plenty in March 2007. The story was added to in August 2009.

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