Kids can be mean; and when there’s a kid in school who is different from the rest, they can be even meaner. It's a sad truth known all too well by a Michigan mom whose 10-year-old son has no friends. Colin, who has a condition similar to Asperger’s syndrome, struggles with his social skills and often acts out, which has led to a difficult time at school. He has been so ostracized that he eats lunch alone in the school office every day.

When Colin told his mom, Jennifer, that he didn’t want a birthday party because he had no friends to invite, she turned to Facebook and started a birthday page in his honor. As of 10 days after the page was created it has more than 1.2 million likes; and there is almost a month left before his birthday on March 9.

The page had a simple plea: send Colin birthday wishes so that on his 11th birthday he can feel some love. The pinned post for the page reads:


Jennifer told "Good Morning America" that it was not just Colin’s birthday that prompted her to start the Facebook page, but the actions of some of the other parents at Colin’s school.

“The main thing was finding out that a lot of parents were trying to get their kids out of Colin’s class and the teacher told him,” Jennifer said. “His peers don’t understand him, but every adult who meets him loves him so I thought I would go to a place where adults and my friends are, Facebook, and have them write nice messages to Colin so I could share them on his birthday.”

Along with the million-plus likes are a multitude of posts on the page coming from people who had similar childhoods as well as moms who have had the same experiences with their children.

“I think that this is a big problem right now, that kids are being misunderstood and don’t have friends and I think it speaks to a lot of people,” Jennifer said of the response. “I think too many parents are allowing their kids to exclude others because of weirdness.”

She notes that the response has been wonderfully overwhelming.

“I’ve been reading and catching up with all of the posts, messages and comments on this page, all the love and support is causing me to just cry, and Colin keeps asking me, ‘Are you okay mom, what’s wrong?!,’” Jennifer posted on the page. 

“He doesn’t know about this page yet, so I’ve been telling him I’m watching sad videos,” she said.

If you’d like to send Colin a happy birthday wish, visit the Facebook page here.

ABC News reports on the story in the video below:

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