Mother's Day crafts for kids are so easy, there’s really no excuse not to do them. Here are a couple of simple kids' craft projects to warm Mom's heart:

Folded-paper Mother's Day card

We put this one first on our list because it's the easiest to do.

Take a piece of paper, fold it in half and then fold it in half again.

On the front, have the child make a picture and give it a title of something like "A Book for My Mother."

Then, ask the child to write on the front "By:" and then their name and the date.

On the interior pages, the child can write sentences about what Mom likes to do and what Mom loves the most.

Have the little one also write why he or she loves Mom so much. Of course, the child should sign their name at the end.

Mother’s Day memento

Here's a way to jump into Mother's Day with both feet. Well, one foot at least.

Write a Mother's Day poem or some other message of love at the top of a sheet of paper.

Then, put paint on the child’s foot and have him or her put their footprint on page. After the paint dries, let the child sign the page, write the date and deliver the picture to Mom.

Mother’s Day hand flower

girl with fingerpaint on her hands Start with some colorful fingerpaint to create handprint flowers. (Photo: Rob Marmion/Shutterstock)

For this project, have the child create flower picture with their hand as the flower.

First, paint the child's hand and fingers and then have them press their hand onto a piece of paper. Then, cut out a long, thin piece of brown paper for a stem. Cut out two pieces of green paper for the leaves. When the paint on the piece of paper is dry, glue the stem and leaves onto it.

Have the child write their name at the bottom and put the date on it also.

Make them keepsakes

For any of these projects, you can add some longevity to the gift's shelf life by adding a frame. After all, Mom will want to look at these mementos when the kids are all grown up.

Looking for more ideas? Check out the video below for other Mother's Day craft projects:

Mother's Day crafts: Easy projects for kids
Mother's Day crafts. They are so easy to do, there's really no excuse not to melt Mom's heart.