Show your mother how special she is: 

• Use our gift guide: 14 eco-friendly ideas to show mom and Mother Nature how much you care.

Get more green ideas: Blogger Matt Hickman offers 10 more gift ideas for mom's house.

• Waste-free gifts: These gift ideas use your time, a bit of cash and creativity instead.

Try presents for a purpose: This online gift store has eclectic offerings and a portion of every purchase is donated to charity.

Make a bouquet: Danielle V shows you how to create a beautiful arrangement. Watch the video.

Or give organic flowers: If sending flowers is more your speed, make them organic or sustainably grown.

• Better yet, start a garden for her: Now here's a gift that will keep on giving!

And special video appreciations from MNN Local: 

• Honor your Mother: This thoughtful video serves as a reminder of how easy that is to do.

• Have fun with Mom: Here's some easy, fun activities you can do together. 

Dig in the dirt: And pick up some gardening tips from Mom while you're at it.

Nature's mothers: A sweet look at animal mothers.

Dogs are moms, too: Happy Mother's Day to the pets.

Go native: Find native plants that will do well in your environment and please Mother.

Make a pledge: Honor both your mothers by picking a special task.

Beyond Mother's Day: Why only one day to make our Moms smile?

Plus: Look for more Mother's Day appreciations from MNN's student correspondents at MNN Local

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Mother's Day roundup
Mother's Day. There's not much time left to honor your mother, but MNN has earth-friendly solutions and a few videos to inspire.