This Thanksgiving, we’ve got ideas for Thanksgiving crafts for kids that will fit nicely with an elegant dining table.

Kids can do any of these crafts with supervision. None of them require any sewing or other special skills that many Thanksgiving crafts require. They’re simply projects that will add beautiful, small seasonal touches to your home and a smile to the child’s face that helped create them.

If your family will be guests in someone else’s home for Thanksgiving this year, several of these craft projects would make wonderful Thanksgiving hostess gifts. Imagine how happy your child will be to give an aunt or a grandmother something as pretty as the fall leaf candle mentioned below.

Menu in a picture frame

Repurpose an unused tabletop picture frame by printing your Thanksgiving menu on a piece of seasonally-colored paper and placing it in the frame. Paint the frame if you’d like. Better Homes and Gardens has a clever idea on how to embellish it with seasonal grasses that kids can collect from outside. This craft won’t take long, but it will add a personal touch to your dinner.

Natural placecards

You can add a small touch of Martha Stewart to your table without giving kids the idea that Martha Stewart-like perfection is required with this simple craft. Create place cards out of small fruits such as pears or Sweet-gum-tree spurs (that kids would have fun collecting from outdoors). All you have to do is tie a nametag to the fruit to create the placecard. Any natural item that evokes an autumn feeling will work.

A bottle of Thanks

This lovely idea from Chose to Thrive is perfect for an older child. Take clean brown bottles, and apply vinyl lettering (you could also stencil on lettering) to create the word Thanks or any other word you’d like. Fill each bottle snuggly with dried wheat and arrange on a side table. If you’d like to use it as a centerpiece for your dining table, just put the lettering on both sides of the bottle so everyone has a view of the message.

Chalkboard runner of Thanks

Once your child discovers that there is something like chalkboard fabric, you’ll probably be doing more than just Thanksgiving crafts with it. Create a buffet or table runner like the one pictured on the Finding Home blog. You don’t need to scallop the edges like the one in the photo. Just use hemming tape to create a straightforward rectangular runner that requires no sewing. In the days up to Thanksgiving, have your kids write messages of thanks on the runner, and ask their friends that come to play at your home to do the same. On Thanksgiving Day, have your guests write their own messages.

Fall leaf candle

A few days before Thanksgiving, send the kids out to collect colorful fall leaves that they will press and dry. A few days later, help them decoupage the leaves onto a clean jar in this craft shown on the Gingerbread Snowflakes blog. The jar glows like stained glass when a tea light is lit inside of it. Create several fall leaf candles using jars of various sizes for a beautiful, warm arrangement on Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin planter

For a quick centerpiece, place flowers inside a hallowed-out pumpkin that you’ve helped your child carve. You can stick entire flower plants with their roots and dirt inside the pumpkin or fill the pumpkin with water and place fresh-cut flowers in it. This video from will show you how easy it is. And, don’t throw away the pumpkin seeds that you’ve scooped out. Make a healthy treat of roasted pumpkin seeds or a sweet treat of pumpkin seed brittle from them for you child to add to your Thanksgiving feast.

Got other ideas for Thanksgiving crafts for kids? Leave us a note in the comments below.

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Thanksgiving crafts for kids
This Thanksgiving, we’ve got ideas for Thanksgiving crafts for kids that will fit nicely with an elegant dining table.