Here at MNN, we try to cover all our bases. We’ve already offered lots of helpful tips to help you celebrate Father’s Day — everything from green gift ideas to Father’s Day songs, poems, and even beer recipes for dear old dad. (Check out our Father’s Day landing page for a complete listing of our articles.)

But, while hanging around the water cooler in the MNN breakroom, we realized we had left something out. We’d come up with the good ideas, but what about the bad ones? What would be the worst environmental gifts you could give dad?

Fear not, fine readers, because we just came up with that list. Enjoy…

1. BP stock

2. A tiger-skin tie

3. McDonald's Shrek glasses

4. A Hummer

5. Polar bear taxidermy

6. A vacation on Three Mile Island

7. A carton of cigarettes

8. Membership in Japan's whale-of-the-month club

9. A fur coat

10. A gift certificate for a bluefin tuna sandwich

Have a "worst gift" idea for this list? Drop us a note in the comments section below.

Top 10 worst Father's Day gifts for the environment
Don't waste money on an old-fashioned tie. And don't waste money on these gifts either.