BUSINESS: Green businesses will grow and prosper in the year ahead, says blogger Melissa Hincha-Ownby.

EARTH MATTERS: Green tech entrepreneurs will save the world and make a boatload of money, says blogger Shea Gunther.

FAMILY: Environmental issues are making headway, especially when it comes to the health of our kids, says blogger Jen Savedge.

FOOD: It's about the experience, not the stuff, and that can carry through to the new year, says blogger Robin Shreeves.

HOME: House projects that save money and energy are catching on, says blogger Matt Hickman.

LIFESTYLES: Living an eco-conscious life is getting easier and easier, says blogger Siel Ju.

TECHNOLOGY: Finland is leading the way in cleantech — and we can all benefit, says blogger Karl Burkart.

TRANSPORTATION: Electric cars will change the way we get around, says blogger Jim Motavalli.

Why our bloggers are optimistic about 2010
Here's at least 8 reasons to be happy about the dawn of a new year — and it's not just that 2009 is over.