Video: Learn how Nick Boxer became the executive producer of this popular cartoon in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video. (Meredith Darlington/MNN and Mike Lindsay/MNN)


We were actually -- I think, when I was a kid, I was allowed one hour of discretionary television a week, and then there was certain kinds of programming I was allowed to watch, you know, that you could talk your parents into. It’s like, I watched a lot of nature shows, a lot of documentary. I was very into, you know, wildlife. I always actually -- I wanted to produce wildlife documentaries, and then I decided, and then I decided I was going to become a vet, and I was pre-vet in college, but then I switched and went into -- switched into video production, ironically, did my senior thesis in animation technique and didn’t use that again, really, until -- other than some graphic stuff -- until Captain Planet. But in some ways, it seemed like there was a circular aspect to that where I came back to all the pieces sort of. In a way, Captain Planet really did fit together a lot of the pieces, you know, of my life in the sense that I was raised -- my parents were big into recycling, big into the environment, you know, very sort of socially conscious, and then I ultimately, you know, I sort of was into the wildlife documentary stuff, and then into, you know, veterinary medicine, and then ended up doing environmental/ social issue documentary. As I said, I had this animation -- a certain amount of animation training in both high school and college, and so Captain Planet brought all those things together. Kind of strange.


Captain Planet: Nick talks about growing up
Video: Learn how he became the executive producer of this popular cartoon.