Nick Boxer talks about a comic book that once did a Captain Planet parody in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video. (Meredith Darlington/MNN and Mike Lindsay/MNN)


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Nick Boxer: There was a show that came out right around the same time that we did called Toxic Crusader, which was a spin-off of the movie Toxic Avenger, or the comic book Toxic Avenger, and then they made movies out of it. But I don’t think they really focused on sort of the science and the issues nearly as much as we did, although in their comic book — we both had comic books — and they made a great, they did a great parody of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.  It was Corporal Globe and the Globeteers, and they had these powers, and they were like — I forget what the first four, but I remember they replaced Heart, like, they had a character, it was like, Ma-Ti, and they replaced his power. His power was Coochi- Coo. So they sort of just mocked Captain Planet, but we decided that, still, that was the sincerest form of flattery, the fact that they, you know, were so focused on us that — it was a sign of success. And I sort of feel that Captain Planet has over the years had various renaissances, and it’s like, I feel like that in some ways going forward they can have that again in the same way, you know, Speed Racer. I think that, you know, at a certain point, as it goes further and further away, it becomes sort of more and more kitsch. You know, and obviously Captain Planet was very corny in a lot of ways, very tongue-in-cheek, sometimes badly done, sometimes over the top in terms of the corniness, but that was sort of — you got one shot. You didn’t have that much opportunity, you know, once you create a genre and a mythology, you’ve kind of got to stick with it and just try and do it better and better as you go along.



"Captain Planet" is an animated series created by Ted Turner in the 1990s. is the primary source for "Captain Planet" episodes on the Web. 

Captain Planet is a superhero whose powers are implemented by a team of five Planeteers (as well as himself), each of whom helps combat environmental catastrophes like pollution, animal poaching, water scarcity and more. Each episode of "Captain Planet" involves the captain and his planeteers tackling different dilemmas and nefarious eco-villains.

Numerous celebrities contributed voice work to the show, including Meg Ryan, Jeff Goldblum, Whoopi Goldberg and many others. You can watch all the Captain Planet episodes on MNN  and you can learn more about the series by going behind the scenes with the creators and major players.


Captain Planet: Parody and kitsch
Nick Boxer talks about a comic book that once did a Captain Planet parody in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video.