Executive producer Nick Boxer shares his thoughts about one of his favorite Captain Planet episodes in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video.

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Nick Boxer: Basically, Twelve Angry Animals, the premise is that the Planeteers get lost in a snowstorm, and they’re rescued by animals. Well, they fall down. They fall into an ice cave, which allows them to survive this storm, but they’re put on trial, and this is for the crimes of humanity against animals, and the judge is a yeti, and the jury and the witnesses are all animals. And, you know, they sort of make a case of how, through history, humans have affected their environment, and that as our technology has advanced, our ability to affect our environment has in fact increased, you know, many fold. And that makes us sort of have to be more aware and more responsible, because we can cause great damage. And in the end, you know, basically, they are found guilty, but their sentence is to be more aware, and to be more thoughtful going forward, and to carry the message to the world. I thought it sort of achieved, you know, this nice storytelling balance. You know, you got to tell a big story in it, but it had smaller stories within it, you know, and I felt that it showed the kids themselves being educated, as opposed to being one where, you know, they are the educators or -- I don’t know, I just felt it had a lot of heart to it, a lot of spirit to it.

[Sinister Music]

Yeti: You have heard the charges. What have you humans to say in your defense?

Soochi: Uhhhh...

Linka: There is no defense. There is no excuse.

Ma-Ti: We are guilty, Your Honor, as charged.


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Captain Planet: The 'Twelve Angry Animals' episode
Executive producer Nick Boxer shares his thoughts about one of his favorite episodes in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video.