Bahar Soomekh and Brenda Strong offer their tips for helping the environment in this installment of Ecollywood. (Video by Gerri Miller)



Bahar: Hi, this is Bahar Soomekh, and I am having a baby; and one of my best tips I can say is nontoxic paint in the baby’s room.  And one of my favorite thing is to do is to get an organic mattress for the crib, because they put formaldehyde in mattresses and your little baby should not be breathing in any of those chemicals.  So those are my number one tips in the baby’s room.

Brenda: Hi, this is Brenda Strong, and my green tip for the day is, instead of buying a loved one a present, take them to an experience, whether it’s to a museum or a music event or something that you share together that will become a memory.

Ecollywood: Bahar Soomekh and Brenda Strong
Video: Get green tips from Bahar Soomekh and Brenda Strong.