The cast of the hit show Glee gives their green tips. (Gerri Miller)


Cory Monteith: My green tip of the day: carpool. It's simple. So many people are on the freeway, driving around in their cars. They've got one person in the car. How many people are in that carpool lane? Ask your friend if they want to go to the party with you. Ask your brother if he'll drive you in the car to the such-and-such. It's a really simple thing you can do to change your habits absolutely.

Jessalyn Gilsig: Hi, I'm Jessalyn Gilsig, and my green tip of the day is use a reusable bag when you send your kids to school with their lunch.

Dianna Agron: Hi, my name is Dianna Agron, and my green tip is to really buy bags to bring to the grocery store because we use so many of them. So if everybody had a bag and they brought it and they kept it in their car — because that's the biggest problem I have, just put it back in your car. And when you go to the grocery store, you have it with you. It's so easy!

Jayma Mays: My green tip of the days is: it's very easy. When you're showering and washing your hair, and it's all lathered up, turn the water off, and then turn it back on when you want to rinse it out.

Kevin McHale: My green tip of the day is: just buy reusable grocery bags. As simple as that. Start there. It can blossom into many other things.

Jane Lynch: My green tip for the day is: I'm doing a renovation on my home, and we have investigated ways to heat the house that are green. And what we're going to do is we're putting pipes under the floors, and we'll be reusing the shower water. It'll get heated in the pipes, and that'll be our heating system. Because heat rises, so if you get the floors nice and warm — which is always nice in the morning, to wake up to warm floors — that heat will rise, and it will heat the joint, and we won't have to have forced air.

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