Kids can get restless on a rainy day, so Keri has some options to keep them entertained while learning about the environment. (Mike Lindsay/MNN, Nick Scott/MNN)




Keri: Hi. I’m Keri Greenwald from Responsible Mommy. Today, I’m gonna teach you how your family can be a little bit more green. Specifically, we’re gonna talk about green entertainment. Today is a very rainy day. What do you do? One idea is to have your kids reading green books. There’s plenty of them out there. You may as well learn about water recycling and paper and preserving our planet, about Michael Recycle saving the world. Consider renting green movies from your local movie store. Or of course, checking out the library for green books and movies and you can scour the Internet. My children love watching the Captain Planet movies on Mother Nature Network. When it’s raining outside, we all need new fun activities. Another idea is to have your children write or draw their own green comic book. Use recycled paper and let them put a whole story together. A green comic book might be one of the rare things that you actually want to keep in your children’s scrapbook. Just remember, being green makes you feel great.


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Green Parenting: Eco-friendly entertainment
Eco friendly parents find "green" ways to keep kids from getting restless on a rainy day. In this video, Keri has some options to keep them entertained while le