What activities can your kids do outside? Keri tells us how to get kids interested in nature at a young age. (Mike Lindsay/MNN, Nick Scott/MNN)


Keri: Hi. I’m Keri Greenwald from Responsible Mommy. Today, I’m gonna teach you how your family can be a little bit more green. Specifically, how you can get your children hooked on nature so that they believe it’s worth fighting for. You know children. They cooperate best when they think it’s their idea. So let nature do the work for you. As long as you get them outside to ride their bicycles and have a scavenger hunt and go play with worms or go canoeing or even go camping, nature will be their inspiration. And the next time you ask them to recycle their paper or recycle that plastic milk jug or use both sides of the paper when they’re coloring or turn off the water faucet when they’re brushing their teeth, they’re gonna understand that nature is worth saving ‘cause it was their idea. They love it. So remember, being green makes you feel great.

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