There's often a lot of clean-up after kids' sports games. See how Keri cuts out most of the mess. (Mike Lindsay/MNN, Nick Scott/MNN)


Keri: Hi. I’m Keri Greenwald from Responsible Mommy. Today, I’m gonna tell you how your family can be a little more green, a little less wasteful. Specifically, we’re gonna address what to do when you are the soccer mom, or the baseball mom, or the football mom. You know the drill. Season after season, you get assigned two or three different days that you’re in charge of snack or drink. Typically what happens is you’ll end up buying individual snack packs for all the players, as well as individual bottles of Gatorade or juice for all the players and all of it ends up being dumped in the garbage or left on the field or in the gym.

What can we do that’s a lot less wasteful, and makes a difference? Consider buying in bulk. It’s not only more responsible, it’s also much more economical. Buy a large container of organic crackers and juice, Gatorade, whatever you want, and consider bringing some plastic recycled cups to put your snack in, and go ahead and put the juice or the Gatorade in the reusable water bottles all the kids already have on the field. When you’re done with the plastic cups and the snack, and you’re done with the big plastic jug, go ahead and put it back into your Responsible Mommy tote and bring it home to recycle. If the tote gets a little dirty, no big deal. Throw it in the wash. Season after season, you can make a difference on the field and you’ll encourage the other families to do the same thing. Remember, being green feels great.