Every kid loves toys, but Keri says some toys are more eco-friendly than others.  (Mike Lindsay/MNN, Nick Scott/MNN)



Keri: Hi. I’m Keri Greenwald from Responsible Mommy. Today, I’m gonna teach you how your family can be a little bit more green, a little less wasteful. Specifically, we’re gonna talk about toys. Even before your child is born, your friends and family want to know what they can get the baby. Of course, you need high chairs and cribs and all the big stuff. But let’s face it, clothing and toys are much more fun and usually at the price point your friends and family can afford. So one thing that you can do to make a difference is register with green baby stores and register for green toys. You’ll be spreading the word that that’s where your priorities lie, and your friends and family will pick up on it. You’ll be educating everybody else and receiving the most wonderful earth-friendly toys and clothes. So you ask, what are earth-friendly toy or clothes? Usually it’s gonna mean it’s made with sustainable materials -- it could be organic, it might be made out of wood. If it’s made out of plastic, it’s usually made out of recycled plastic. Idbids is one of my children’s favorite. These, they can log on to the website and take care of one of their friends in nature. And of course, it comes with a great book about being green as well as kind of a worksheet for the kids to let them be reminded of turning off the faucet and recycle their paper and so forth. But there are so many green toy options out there. So this time, this year, when you have options to receive gifts and let your family and friends know where your priorities lie, let them know you want to be green because being green will make you feel great.

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Video: Every kid loves toys, but Keri says that some toys are more eco-friendly than others.