Keri shows how to make school lunches with little or no waste! (Mike Lindsay/MNN, Nick Scott/MNN)


Keri: Hi. I’m Keri Greenwald  from Responsible Mommy. Today I’m gonna teach you how your family can be a little bit more green, specifically, how you can work on packing waste-free lunches. Every year, packing lunches are a necessity for school and camp. If you send a lot of Ziploc bags and plastic water bottles or juice boxes with your children in their lunches, that creates a lot of waste. So instead, try packing waste-free lunches today. A few ways we can do that are cutting down on Ziploc bags. We can use the fresh snack packs or we can use the Wrap-N-Mats.. Those are great for our snacks and our sandwiches and we can reuse them over and over again. Part of sending a waste-free lunch is sending a green lunch box. Bento boxes work well. Also these lunch boxes, the Bazura lunch boxes work great. These are from a women’s co-op in the Philippines. They’re made out of reused juice boxes that can’t be recycled. So we’re keeping them out of the landfill and we’re having a really fun way to reuse them. And of course, for drinking, you need to get your children a really fun reusable water bottle, either aluminum or stainless steel are great ways to go. The children love showing off their fun water bottles and you’ll definitely encourage their friends to do the same thing. These make great gift ideas. So think about it the next time you need a gift for camp or a birthday or school. Children learn best by example. So when you start them young, they understand that being green and acting responsibly is fun. Thanks so much and remember, being green makes you feel great.

Green Parenting: Waste-free lunches
Video: Keri shows how to make school lunches with little or no waste.