You have a pile of presents ready to be wrapped and you know it will take hours to get them done. But here's a little holiday gift. Perfect the method shown above and you'll breeze right through them.

Employees at Takashimaya Department Store in Japan can zip through the process in less than 15 seconds. The key, of course, is having the right-sized paper and wrapping only boxes. (As one commenter on the original video pointed out, "Now let's see you wrap a snowglobe.")

If you've watched the video several times and still aren't sure how they managed to pull it off, there's more. YouTuber BeatTheBush took the time to break it down and explain the steps. You can check out his video below — or just buy gift bags.

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How to wrap a gift in 15 seconds flat
Race through that pile of holiday gifts with this speedy wrapping method.