Going to court for any reason can be an unnerving experience, but it may be even worse when the judge decides that your kid should be the one to determine your sentence.

Such was the case for one Providence, Rhode Island, man who came before Judge Frank Caprio in the city's municipal court back in November 2015. The man was charged with "parking up on the street" and Caprio wasn't sure about the best sentence for the man. So he summoned up the man's 5-year-old son, Jacob, to help him make a decision.

"I can fine him $90. I can charge him $30. Or I can charge him with nothing. What do you think I should do?" Caprio asks of Jacob. Jacob's decision, and Caprio's follow-up, are both pretty swell (and smart).

Caprio, who has served as the chief judge of Providence Municipal Court since 1985, is a minor celebrity in Providence. His courtroom is the setting for the local TV series "Caught in Providence." The series features real folks' cases, mostly traffic and parking issues, and are decided by Caprio and broadcast on TV.

And Jacob isn't the only kid to weigh in on their parents' fate in Caprio's court, either. This young girl also helped to make a decision regarding her mother's unpaid parking ticket.

Cute 5-year-old helps judge settle a case
Judge Frank Caprio asked a man's 5-year-old son to weigh in on his father's parking fine.