See how well you remember the words to this classic cartoon theme song, and if you feel up to it, sing along. Check back every Tuesday for a new episode of On the Streets. (Jonathan Kesselman)


>> Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart, go Planet! By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet.
Jonathan Kesselman: Are you familiar with Captain Planet? 

>> No.
Kesselman: If I were to play a song for you, would you mind singing it for us? 

>> Sure.
Kesselman: All right.
>> It was a guy who flew around and taught kids how to treat the environment.
Kesselman: Right. We have the German version of Captain Planet theme song. Two men from Austria who speak German, because apparently in Austrian, they speak Austrian and German, didn’t know that.
>> Captain Planet, he’s the hero.
>> He’ll take pollution down to zero.
>> [indistinct]] to zero. He’s a [indistinct]
>> [foreign language]
>> He’s the power, magnified. He’s fighting all the [indistinct]
>> Captain Planet, he’s our hero.
>> Gonna take pollution down to zero.
>> Down to zero. [indistinct] mumbling lyrics—planet!
>> Captain Planet, [indistinct]
>> Gonna take pollution down to zero.
>> Hey [indistinct], guys who like to loot and plunder
>> You’ll pay for this, Captain Planet.
>> You’ll pay for this, Captain Planet.
>> Captain, Captain Planet. [foreign language] Captain Planet!
>> We’re the Planeteers!
>> You can be one too. ‘Cause saving our planet
>> Is the thing to do.
>> We’re the Planeteers, Whoo! [indistinct]
>> [indistinct]
>> Looting and polluting is not the way. Hear what Captain Planet has to say, ya’ll!.
>> The power is yours.
>> The power is yours.
>> [foreign language]
Kesselman: That was awesome. Can I get a hug from you? You were much better than Patty Smith.
>> Good.

Kesselman: It’s like the scariest sounding language ever. But the way you just sang it, it made that song which was horribly atrocious sound like music to my ears.



Credits for this episode:

Producers: Adam Dorn, Michael Nedelman, Jonathan Kesselman

Cinematography and editing: Michael Nedelman

Sound: Marc Enette

Opening theme: "Chick A Boom Boom Boom" by Mocean Worker

MNN editor and animator: Meredith Darlington


"Captain Planet" is an animated series created by Ted Turner in the 1990s. is the primary source for "Captain Planet" episodes on the Web. 

Captain Planet is a superhero whose powers are implemented by a team of five Planeteers (as well as himself), each of whom helps combat environmental catastrophes like pollution, animal poaching, water scarcity and more. Each episode of "Captain Planet" involves the captain and his planeteers tackling different dilemmas and nefarious eco-villains.

Numerous celebrities contributed voice work to the show, including Meg Ryan, Jeff Goldblum, Whoopi Goldberg and many others. You can watch all the Captain Planet episodes on MNN  and you can learn more about the series by going behind the scenes with the creators and major players.


ON THE STREETS: The Captain Planet song
See how well you remember the words to this classic cartoon theme song.