Get some fun, do-it-yourself wedding craft ideas as Danielle visits with the folks from RePlayGround. (Nick Scott/MNN)


Danielle: A lot of us think weddings -- stress, the two go hand-in-hand, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m here today with Tiffany Threadgould from RePlayground.  And we’re gonna talk about some really cool budget-friendly, do-it-yourself ideas that you could introduce for your eco-friendly wedding that can be cool and cheap.  What are a few cool things that you have going on that would be great for the eco-friendly, budget-conscious bride?
Tiffany:   Well, here’s something that I made for a good friend of mine.  These are -- these are invitations made out of old maps.
Danielle: Which are so cute.
Tiffany:   So -- so this is -- this was actually for my brother and his wife and they are very into hiking.  And so I took these old USGS maps and we -- and I printed on the backside of them and then we used little heart cutouts at the top of the invitation and then these are envelopes that we also made out of the maps as well.  But I also have an easy solution of a way that you can take whatever eco-friendly material you want at home.  You can -- you can make these envelopes at home.  And this is my “ReMake It! Recycling Kit.”  So this is kind of giving you the tools to recycle.  This is the new material that you need, which is a template, also made from recycled paper.
Danielle: You make these really cute butterflies that I’m a huge fan of that help with décor.  So let’s talk about how that even happened.
Tiffany:   So these butterflies that Danielle’s talking about are made from old cereal boxes.  And basically, I’ve used these at several events.  And they look really great, especially when you use like large quantities of them.
Danielle: Yeah, exactly.
Tiffany:   They can make a huge impact.
Danielle:  If brides watching this wanna go ahead and put their grooms to work to get some of these cut, do you have a template available for these?
Tiffany:  I do.  You can go onto my website at and you can download it and you can trace around the outside edge --
Danielle:  Right.
Tiffany:   -- and cut it out and put them together.
Danielle: Excellent. More work for the bridal party.  And then you have another idea here which I love that’s -- and this is actually a memento for you, the bride, and you, the groom.  So let’s talk about this.
>>  Again, the -- with the people who are really into their wine.  This is the “ReMake It! Wine Cork Trivet.”  And basically you -- you get the metal frame and you can go -- this is also available on my website -- and you take eight wine corks and you screw them onto the base.  And then this is a trivet that you can use as a hotplate and it’s a great way to remember your wedding.
Danielle: So your concept is you're salvaging corks from wine that you were serving at your wedding.
Tiffany:  Exactly.
Danielle: Okay.  Very cute.  I think it’s really cute.  Awesome.  Thank you so much.  This is -- I love all this stuff.  I think it gives us all kind of fun things to do at home and I love the idea that you can be sustainable and presenting really fun, unique things, and saving money.
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The Green Party: DIY wedding projects
Watch fun, DIY wedding craft ideas as Danielle visits with the folks from RePlayGround.