Ready for a new twist on a baby shower? Danielle shows you how to throw a bee-themed baby shower that is fun, easy and green. (Nick Scott/MNN)


Danielle:  Hi!  I’m Danielle.  And today I’m gonna talk about how to design an eco-friendly baby shower.  I’ve gone with a honeybee baby theme.  Yellow, of course, is sort of your standard fallback color if you don't know if it’s gonna be a boy or a girl.  And we sort of worked off of that idea and introduced bees as a really great theme, ‘cause bees make honey, honey is sweet, babies are sweet, yellow, bee, honey, sweet.  I mean, it all makes sense.  For our honeybee baby theme, I was able to set the tone with this gorgeous cloth from Harmony Arts, this beautiful yellow dahlias.  We get this really great vibrant color.  And then that just kind of creates the whole life and theme for the table.  And then I use that same cloth.  I just had some pieces cut and made into napkin rings.  From Tassot Apiaries, we have a great honey stick, which of course works into the whole bee theme.  And from Pear and Peony, these Black-eyed Susan wildflower seed kits, which are so cute.  Of course the colors work perfectly, and it’s this nice little take-home gift for everyone.  We, of course, kept working with this yellow and black theme.  We have this delicious honey from Tassot and these adorable pure beeswax little honeycomb bee candles, which I absolutely love. So, we’re here with New Jersey’s queen bee, Bea Tassot from Tassot Apiaries.  So, let’s start out with honey.  I know local honey tastes better, but why, I mean, from a health perspective and from any other – for any other – in any other way, why is it so clearly a better choice?

Bea:  If you are, for example, suffering from allergies in the spring or in the fall, local honey would help you fight those allergies.  Why?  Because those bees are flying all around and bringing all the nectars and pollen that you are allergic to.  And they are transforming this nectar and pollen into honey, and this honey you will take regularly and gradually – you will, you will take that honey, one teaspoon a day all year round, and this honey will behave like a vaccine.

Danielle:  As usual, we visit our farmer’s market.  We got some really vibrant gorgeous yellow spray roses, some hydrangea, a whole mix of flowers.  And what’s great here is, I just pulled some vases from the cupboard, but I wanted to give them a little more life.  And I took some different vintage ribbons.  I have a black and a yellow vintage ribbon.  And so we gave a little bit more life to the vases.  And this vase here is actually – the ribbon is actually not vintage, but it’s made with water-based inks, it’s a pure biodegradable cotton, and that’s from Cream City Ribbon.  And adding a little black to the table in this little vintage bowls from Fishs Eddy, I have some organic Panda black licorice.  Here we have not only a color scheme, we also have a concept.  We’re going with our honeybee theme.  So establish your theme, your color scheme and just figure out what you have around that can play into it. And that’s our honeybee baby table.  [bzzzz]

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