Recently, we came across a post about Gimo, a cat with quite possibly the biggest eyes you have ever seen. I mean seriously, can you imagine trying to get anything done in your house when you have those eyes and all of their sweetness looking at you and silently asking for attention? We can't either.

We fell in love with those enormous eyes and knew we just had to share. Here are a few more shots of Gimo and his mesmerizing orbs.

While Gimo is certainly an award winner in the "Biggest Eyes" category, he is also not alone. We scoured social media and found 12 more contenders that will blow you away with their beautiful big eyes. Take a look:

Gucci the Cat


Miss Frankenstein

Jan Lee


This sweet cat

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And this smoky gray charmer

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Dou Ding



Friday?! Woo hoo!😸

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Queen Guinness