Our dogs are more than just pets — they're family. So it's no wonder that so many dog parents decide to include their pets in the big events of their lives — including their weddings. The result, as these 13 fantastic photos will prove, is ridiculously cute to behold. 

Coffee got his own special outfit for his parents' wedding

Photo: Wedding Dogs/Facebook

Like this little guy named Coffee (pictured above), got his own special outfit for his mom and dad's special occasion.

two bulldogs are in the wedding party

Photo: Wedding Dogs/Facebook

"Our wedding would not have been complete or as special without our 'kids' there with us," recalls the bride, Autumn (pictured above). "They were on their best behavior and were rewarded with treats and lots of love. Honestly, our wedding could not have turned out more perfect."

dog wearing flowered collar at wedding

Photo: Wedding Dogs/Facebook

Callie's mom and dad had a special flower collar made for her for the wedding.


A photo posted by Daniel Quantz (@danielquantz) on

Aug 22, 2014 at 1:47pm PDT
Owner Daniel (above) was hanging out with his canine BFF before he tied the knot with his new bride.
Archie the Boston Terrier in the woods at his parents' wedding

Photo: Wedding Dogs/Facebook

Fiona and Mike got engaged in the woods on the Alvie Estate in Scotland with their dog Archie by their side.

Andy was the ringbearer at his owner's wedding

Photo: Wedding Dogs/Facebook

Floyd was the ring bearer at his mom and dad's wedding. He wore a floral collar and walked up with the maid of honor.

a dog snuggles with the bride

Photo: Wedding Dogs/Facebook

The bride cuddles with her mom and her Chihuahua, Frankie.

Pamela Castilo Gaviria included her dog Tutaina in her special day

Photo: Wedding Dogs/Facebook

Pamela Castillo Gaviria included her dog, Tutaina, in her special day.

Zeus (above) got his own special tuxedo to wear at his mama's wedding.

happy dog with bride and groom

Photo: Wedding Dogs/Facebook

Have you ever seen a happier puppy?

dog holding bride and groom's hands

Photo: Wedding Dogs/Facebook

Handsome fella.

dogs were bridesmaid and groomsman at wedding

Photo: icanherethebells/tumblr

These puppies were the bridesmaid and groomsman at their mom and dad's wedding.

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